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Providing expertise and aviation security support to enable customers mitigate strategical and operational risks.

HOW WE DO Overview

We provide a wide range of aviation security services including consultancy, training, passenger and cabin bag screening, hold baggage screening, cargo & screening officers and security guards for the aviation sector.

We are one of the leading and multinational aviation security providers in Kuwait. Our expertise spans from consultancy, project management, training delivery and provision of certified aviation security personnel. We have an extensive network of qualified aviation industry professionals fully certified in the delivery and managing diverse aviation security operations and ensuring compliance with international aviation regulation standards.

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Our array of security services are designed to protect your assets, employees and facilities, allowing you to focus solely on your business.

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Aviation Security, Consultancy & Training Services

We endeavor to minimise risk, offer appropriate training and resource management and provide a high level of professional service that are regulated and conforming to international aviation security standards.

  • We develop a periodic and constant study that considers, identifies and assesses security risks and manages a survey to identify weaknesses instantly
  • We design proposals and solutions according to approved standards by international organizations to ensure quality and reduce security violations during audit
  • Evaluating security and safety procedures to ensure their compliance with international standards.
  • Conduct approved periodic review statements for all security procedures implemented within the airport and related facilities to verify their compliance with international standards.
  • Continuous review and developing airport security programs in line with local and international laws and approved procedures, in coordination with airport authorities
  • Revising and reformulating the National Civil Aviation Security Program in accordance with the laws of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
  • Providing consultations in the field of functional emergency exercises.
  • Undertake risk analysis and contingency plan consultations, and active participation in the development and training delivery of the contingency plan of the Ministry of Interior and aviation regulators
  • Providing a comprehensive technical and security study subsequent to the Building Operation Plan, and submit valuable recommendations that contribute to raising the security level.
  • Deliver integrated training plan (including a curriculum in both Arabic and English) covering (Training Instructions ,Training Guide, Training Tools and Training Personnel) and guaranteeing, at a minimum, the following areas:
    • Aviation Security Supervisors
    • Shipping & Air Mail Security
    • Aviation Security Managers
    • Quality of work at airports

Aviation Security Personnel

Our aviation security training and certification program, hold approvals from the Kuwait Directorate General of Civil Aviation for our in-house training material, instructors, and facilities. Moreover, our aviation security management personnel are qualified to ICAO, IATA and UK standards and provide added value to clients in terms of specialist advice and support.

The highly trained personnel will conduct and perform the following stringent activities in accordance to approved guidelines and supervision of the Ministry of Interior:

  • Inspection of departing passengers and employees as directed by the Ministry of Interior.
  • Control and confiscate any prohibited items as supervised by the Ministry of Interior.
  • Inspecting passengers using approved security detection equipment and perform self-inspection in case of repeated detection observed.
  • Inspecting passenger’s luggage using special inspection devices
  • Vehicle inspection from to detect weapons and explosives.
  • Verify the validity of the Airport employees’ identities premises before entering the prohibited areas and inspect their personal luggage.
  • Submit periodic reports on the seizures and security situation for each region separately.
  • Submit periodic reports on devices and equipment efficiency and any related malfunctioning.
  • Conducting periodic meetings and develop functional plans and scenarios in coordination with the Ministry of Interior to fill security gaps.
  • Ensure consistent compliance and delivery of all security measures applied by the Ministry of Interior and the aviation national and international regulators

Cargo & Screening Officers

Our pool of experienced officers provides meticulous and stringent cargo checking and screening services to not just our aviation security industry but also to a wide range of cargo and logistics customers. These officers are highly trained in conducting baggage and cargo screening processes in accordance with international transport regulation standards and adept in the operations of screening equipment. Our main activities within this scope includes:

  • We develop Cargo Screening Security SOP’s for cargo activities to ensure standards conforming to DGCA, DFT, and concerned regulators requirements for Cargo & Mail screening.
  • Identifying prohibited objects in cargo and preventing those objects from being transported onto aircraft with Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) equipment
  • Safe and compliant operations of cargo screening equipment
  • Carry out mitigating actions in the event of discovery of a threat restricted or prohibited article
  • Enforce site security regulations for the cargo activities
  • Provide assistance to accident / incident locations.
  • Report incidents and documenting daily activities.


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