Static & Patrol Guarding


Static & Patrol Guarding

Your security is our priority. Our suite of comprehensive guarding solutions are designed to support your individual needs.

Static & Patrol Guarding Overview

We combine the right dose of reliability and assurance to keep your assets and valuables safe.

When you have a sense of security, everything else falls into place. Organizations rely on security service providers to provide the protection vital to maintain continuous operations in the workplace. Whether it’s theft, prevention of unauthorized access, crowd control, foot patrol, customer service, security officers serve as the fundamental first line of defense in the deterrence of these kind of threats.

The Brink's Difference

Our array of security services are designed to protect your assets, employees and facilities, allowing you to focus solely on your business.

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Static & Patrol Security Guards

As primarily the first line of defence lies on the static guards at your locations, their pivotal role in the implementation of security measures is indisputable. The security officers are vital in the prevention of trespassing, vandalism, and all possible external threats that your premises can be exposed with. Business largely depends on security staff for effective flow of communication between employees and outsiders. Whether it is a static or a patrolling guard, their presence alone makes a large impact and establishes deterrence against attempts and potential offences. More than the inspection and control they provide, these security officers are valuable in the protection of your assets, employees and to preserve your business reputation and stability.

Static & Patrol Guarding Details

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  • Over 40 Years of Field Expertise in Kuwait
    Established capabilites with unparalled local market share in the security industry
  • Customer Confidence
    One trusted partner for all your integrated security solutions, we deliver beyond your expectations.
  • Complete Security Solutions
    No matter what your business needs, our trusted and reliable solutions have you covered.
  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio
    Our array of security services are designed to give you complete peace of mind.
  • Trusted Brand & Global Mindset
    We work to protect both your cash, valuables, properties and employees, giving you one less thing to worry about your business.
  • Innovation & Cutting Edge Technology
    We design, market and deliver innovative products and services that protect your assets and add value to your business.
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    Strong, capable, professional and process-driven team ready to support and develop strategical solutions to meet your objectives.