Cash Processing


Cash Processing

Brink’s is the trusted partner to central banks, wholesale, and retail banks for global multi-currency processing.

Cash Processing Overview

Processing cash around the world with security, speed, and accuracy.

From storage to inventory management, counting and validation, we handle fitness sorting, wrapping, packing, and counterfeit detection across multiple currencies.

Brink's cash processing service will help you to transform resource-draining cash functions into powerful operational advantages that drive operational efficiencies, lower risk, and enhance competitive advantage. All cash collected from various sources will be brought to our Cash Processing Centre and processed under the vision/coverage of CCTV network. Cash from Banks, ATMs/CDMs as well as retail customers is collected and processed at our state of the art Cash Processing Centre (CPC). Our Cash Processing Centre is equipped with high-tech equipment (including the heavy duty M5 Cash Processor and C4 & C5 from G+D) and machinery to ensure that all the cash is sorted into ATM fit, branch fit, unfit and counterfeit currency. All usable banknotes are then either recycled for further use, or deposited in the Central Bank. At our processing centre, we do segregate the quality of the currency notes based on the usage/damage for reusing the same for ATM machines, branch counters, unfit notes that are not suitable for circulation and notes not accepted by the machine as being fit for use.

The Brink’s Difference

Our unsurpassed network and supply chain experts deliver international, best‑in‑class logistics solutions.

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