Guarding Solutions


Guarding Solutions

Brink's comprehensive guarding solutions are developed to protect and secure your facilities. Our professionally trained team specializes in the security of all types of industries.

Guarding Solutions Overview

We take great pride in setting the standards of excellence for the provision of professional quality security services to meet the needs of its customers in Kuwait while managing the security risks involved. We have extensive management and administrative support, tools and security operational expertise, backed by Brink's global expertise in the industry to enhance and complement the professional services any potential project deserves.

The Brink's Difference

Our array of security services are designed to protect your assets, employees and facilities, allowing you to focus solely on your business.

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We commit to provide an all-inclusive Guarding Solutions catered to address our primary commitment  to secure the business, reputation, assets and employees of our valued customers. We endeavor to minimise risk, offer appropriate training and resource management and provide a high level of professional service to create an integrated security solution for your locations.

Our range of services include:
Guarding - Static & Patrol
Mobile Security Patrol
CCTV & Parking Services
Event Security
VIP Security
Cargo & Screening Services

With Brink's, you can be assured of total commitment to integrity no matter what your supply chain needs are.

Our professionally-trained team specializes in the security of private and public facilities, including:

• Aviation, Sea Ports & Airports
• Oil & Gas
• Banking & Financial
• Retail & Consumer
• Corporate - Large, Medium and Small
• Construction & Real Estate
• Healthcare & Hospitality
• Diplomatic & Government Sector
• Transport & Logistics
• Industrial & Engineering
• Telecom


As the largest and only multi-national security solutions provider in Kuwait, we take pride in providing the highest level of services to our clients and attending to their individual requirements. Our guarding solutions are tailored to suit each and every aspect of your business needs and operations. We work in partnership with you to deliver tangible, measurable results that continuously add value to your business.  Our aim is to produce a cost-effective, long term integrated partnership that is aligned to our customer’s budgeting and business planning process and allows both parties to work together over a long period to achieve significant budget savings.


We have an established presence and experience in providing integrated security solutions delivered to clients operations for and within the Kuwait International Airport. We have the requisite expertise, resources and capabilities to support your airport and sea ports requirements. Our range of services include highly trained and certified aviation security officers, passenger, baggage and cargo screening, aviation security training delivery, risk assessment, security survey and consultancy.


Our security services catered to the Oil & Gas sector is another specialty offered by Brink’s Kuwait. We have highly trained and professional security personnel that are trained in managing complex security responsibilities in oil refineries, drilling and industrial sites. Our Oil & Gas customer portfolio includes major local oil companies in addition to prominent international corporations operating in Kuwait.


We cater to major local and private financial institutions in Kuwait for their security solutions requirements. We offer secure solutions ranging from physical security, cash management and valuable transportation and security systems design, supply and installation aimed to secure customer’s assets, employees and operations.


We work to protect both your cash and employees, giving you the assurance and confidence to focus on other essential aspects of your business needs. We have a pool of specialized team that are trained in the security responsibilities of all kinds of retail business operations including high-end luxury brand outlets in various malls, supermarkets, cooperative societies, and consumer goods distributors.


We design, market and deliver innovative, industry-leading technology and services that protect and add value to corporations and their subsidiaries. Our safe, reliable and efficient operations work to manage risk resourcefully for your industry. As one of the foremost multi-national security solutions provider in Kuwait, we are committed to providing the highest level of services to our corporate clients and ensuring their individual requirements are attended to. Customer satisfaction and service excellence are deep rooted values, we share as a team and is supported by a strong sense of integrity.


Our aim is to help you minimize risk by offering a comprehensive and suitable security solutions, training and resource management to provide a high level of professional service. We will work in partnership with you to deliver cost-effective, measurable outcomes that constantly add value to your business and is aligned to your budgeting and business processes. We have a team of suitable security professionals able to secure your residential properties, facilities, commercial complex and establishments.


The safety and security of the healthcare and hospitality businesses has become a sensitive and delicate undertaking. It is vital that healthcare providers and hotel enterprises are able to provide a secure environment for their patients and guests as well as their own employees. This is where engaging a reliable and recognized integrated security solutions company to handle the ever increasing complexity of the security and safety aspects of the hospitality industry will come in handy. Having adequately trained and qualified security professionals combined with innovative security systems are indispensable tool to a successful and effective security management.


While demand for electronic security systems is emerging, in most cases these systems still require the presence of on-site or remote security officers. Government entities, diplomatic missions and consulates face different types of risks and challenges. We have a team of specialist consultants with vast experience in managing the security aspects associated with these critical sectors. We will address each customer’s requirements and propose complete security solutions with flexible combinations of manned and electronic security solutions.


The transport and logistics sector is a fundamental industry with also critical security aspect demands. The assessment, management and primarily risk mitigation are significant concerns of the ever-changing scope of these industries. The supply chain and transportation industry significantly rely on trusted security professionals to assist their operations given the increasing complexity of the threats associated with the global transportation network. This is where Brink's Kuwait is able to provide highly trained and competent security professionals to provide screening, inspection and identify security threats in addition to the most innovative and advanced security systems designed to address these types of critical operations.


The security requisites of the industrial facilities differ from any other business establishments. We have an established security management presence with a number of both local and international industrial operators in Kuwait. Our advanced security management strategy that includes both technology and capable manned resources are aptly developed to provide proactive and effective security aspect improvements to your organizational needs.


We have the capability in managing day-to-day changes in contractual requests if any and maintain an adequate reserve of security staff to support your project’s security requirements. Our vast experience involves security expertise in the field, strong management and administrative support, professional training and certifications achievements and international association to enhance and complement geographically diverse security environments.

Guarding Solutions Details

Why Choose Us

  • Over 40 Years of Field Expertise in Kuwait
    Established capabilites with unparalled local market share in the security industry
  • Customer Confidence
    One trusted partner for all your integrated security solutions, we deliver beyond your expectations.
  • Complete Security Solutions
    No matter what your business needs, our trusted and reliable solutions have you covered.
  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio
    Our array of security services are designed to give you complete peace of mind.
  • Trusted Brand & Global Mindset
    We work to protect both your cash, valuables, properties and employees, giving you one less thing to worry about your business.
  • Innovation & Cutting Edge Technology
    We design, market and deliver innovative products and services that protect your assets and add value to your business.
  • Professional & Process-Driven Team
    Strong, capable, professional and process-driven team ready to support and develop strategical solutions to meet your objectives.